J Minus 1!

Jamboree Day Minus 1!! We leave in roughly 36 hours. Are you prepared? If you are not answering “YES”, please ask for help if you think you are missing something.  Are you packed? Have you started? Do you need to do some laundry before tomorrow night? Tonight is the time to find out you need more underwear, socks, sunscreen, etc. You don’t want to find out you need something tomorrow night.

On OA Patches: Mr. Hiler, our ASM, has picked up the OA patches from Council. He has them and he is willing to meet troop OA members this evening or tomorrow. Contact him (and copy me if you can) at MSHiler@comcast.net. He can meet you at the Council office (yes it is closed but we can meet in the parking lot). He will also have them on the bus Monday morning.

On Jamboree hats: The hats are in. Mr. Hiler picked them up. They will be given out to each troop member Monday morning as you get on the bus….IF your Risk Acknowledgement form has been turned in and you hand us a copy of your medical form. We are being asked to carry on the bus ORIGINALS of the Risk form and have a COPY of the medical form for each troop member. If we have both of those forms, you will get a hat. Once we give you a hat we know you are good to go to SBR. If you have not sent a copy of the Risk form to Council, please fill out the attached form and bring THE ORIGINAL to the bus Monday morning. (Yes, National is insisting on having the original.)

Our apologies about all of the forms paperwork, but the Jamboree is demanding these forms. We’re trying to get them organized so we can quickly check in.

REMEMBER, we leave at 1:30AM Monday morning. 1:30AM…as in an hour and a half past midnight. We need to be at the SBR site at 8AM so we have to leave early. We also plan to stop for breakfast once we are in West Virginia.

Have questions? Ask them now! Not sure of something? ASK! We want you to enjoy your Jamboree experience!!


About Mike Landi

Venturing Crew 220 Advisor
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