J Minus 2, Schedules and “Sharpies”

2 Days to go. Time to get serious.

First, the activity schedules have been posted to your dashboards! Follow these steps to get your schedule:

Log in to your Summit account and go to the Dashboard. Click on Activity Preference

At the next page which should open in a new window, look for and click on Click Here to Get Your Schedule. Your schedule will open. I suggest you print your schedule (maybe a couple of extra copies, one for the leaders please!)

A second point, PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME ON EVERYTHING! We are expecting about 40,000 scouts at Jamboree. Each will have the same duffel bag. All will have a Class A shirt. Have you ever lost something at camp and wished you had your name on it? Imagine 100 times as many scouts in the same place. Put your name on your shirt, your duffel bag, your towel, your shirts, your water bottles…. get the idea? If your name is not on it, it will be hard to get it back to you if you drop it, misplace it, it “grows legs”. Your name, and maybe your troop number and possibly a phone number on an item will help get it back to you if it is misplaced. Use a permanent marker! (A ‘Sharpie’ type marker.)

Get ready, we leave in just over two days. (1am dark and early Monday morning!)


About Mike Landi

Venturing Crew 220 Advisor
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