J Minus 4: Packing

A few packing tips. Have you considered packing in “zip lock” type plastic bags? Packing your folded clothes into air tight plastic bags allows you to squeeze the air out of the bags, reducing the space the clothes take in your duffel bag. Also, since the bags are air tight, humidity and rain cannot get into them. You can also search through your duffel bag without messing up your clean clothes. Also, packing your bathroom supplies in a plastic bag keeps them clean and makes taking them to the shower house easy.

Speaking of the shower house, remember that there is no hot water at SBR. The showers are quite nice, but not hot. You pull a chain to turn on the water. Think swimming pool temperatures for the showers. The cool water is actually refreshing when you are hot. Do you have a towel and washcloth packed? Soap? Shampoo? Deodorant? Foot/body powder? Toothbrush & toothpaste? Shower shoes? Just a few things to think about as we prepare.


About Mike Landi

Venturing Crew 220 Advisor
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