J Minus 5 and Counting!

Have you started packing?

Kidding aside, you should be beginning to pack and preparing your uniforms. Do you have your patches sewn on? Do you have enough socks? Have you looked at the advanced weather for SBR? In case you have not checked the weather, the advanced forecast is for highs in the low 80s, lows in the mid 60s, and chances for thunderstorms. Sound familiar? Do you have rain gear? A lightweight rain shell is great idea. Frogg Toggs is a popular brand, but I have a simple Coleman jacket I got at Walmart for $25 and it works well.

You should be ready to pack completely now. You should have your uniforms, patches and paperwork. Are you doing Rock Climbing or Whitewater Rafting off site at Jamboree? You should have already printed your ticket and your permission form which prints with your ticket. Do you have a sleeping bag or a fleece? Do you have a mess kit (you must have a mess kit)? There will be no paper products at Jamboree. How about a pillow, a pair of light shoes or sandals for around camp, soap, deodorant, plenty of underwear? Don’t wait until Sunday to find these things out. Here’s another question: Do you want to get a haircut before we leave? Short hair is cooler and easier to take care of than long hair.

Last comment for today, we are asking each scout to bring a copy of their medical form to the bus on Monday. The leaders are being asked to keep a copy with them in case the information is needed quickly.

Have questions? Ask them now! Get excited…what are they saying? Go Big, Get Wild!

Check the weather at SBR by clicking here


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Venturing Crew 220 Advisor
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