Patches and Preparations, Seven Days to Go

Hello Troop! The countdown is on! Seven days until we leave!

Everyone should have all of their patches. Everyone should know what to pack. If you do not, email or call one of the leaders. Ask all the questions you need to….be ready to leave. The bus leaves from the Greengate Centre WalMart at 1:30am….as in an hour and a half past midnight…on July 15. Yes, very very early on Monday morning. Be there at 1am. If you miss the bus, you literally miss the bus. The bus company has a contract to get us to Jamboree on time and they have to leave on time. Don’t be late….we cannot hold the bus.

The large back patches are in and are selling quickly. They are available at Council and I have some. The price is $6.50. If you forgot what they look like, click Once these are gone, they are gone. I’d like to see our troop get them if there is a desire, but all must be sold since Council paid for them up front. I’d be happy to try an meet with anyone who wants the patches so let me know if that is what you want to do.

I am no weatherman…but I play one on email. 🙂 Notice the weather lately? Hot, humid, rain and thunderstorms. The weather in the past week is exactly what SBR had last year during the Summit Shakedown. Keep this in mind when you pack. LOTS and LOTS of socks! As much underwear as you can fit in the duffel bag. Staying dry is very important. Lightweight shirts that can be rinsed out and worn a second day are a good idea. WATERPROOF boots that are BROKEN IN are a must. Don’t forget to back that hydration backpack that everyone has received. You will want the water! (Of course you do not fill it at home, we will have lots of places to fill them at SBR.)

Do you take medicine? Allergy pills or other daily meds? Do you have enough to pack for 10 days? If not, call your doctor or pharmacist. You probably can get an extra week supply if you explain where you are going. Do you have a cell phone? Probably a good idea to have one for Jamboree.

The leaders have a request…..if you kept a copy of your medical form please bring it to Jamboree. We are not supposed to need a copy at the campsite but we’d like to be cautious. If you bring a copy, we will keep it in a binder with the Scoutmaster during Jamboree and we will return it to you once we are home. Also, please make sure your emergency contact information is up to date on the summit web site. The leaders and the Jamboree staff will use that (hopefully not needed!) in case they need to reach you.

As always, ask your questions and get excited about leaving!! See you a week from Monday!


About Mike Landi

Venturing Crew 220 Advisor
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