Patches and Apps

Hello Troop. Less than two weeks to go!

The Council patches are in and so are the shirts. Each troop member gets 22 patches and one shirt. The hats are due in this week. Remember that your class A uniform shirts need the Boy Scout green epaulets. You can use your usual (home troop Class A) epaulets or you need to buy your own. They are not provided by Council. The Westmoreland-Fayette Council back patches (the “We Are the Laurel Highlands” patches) are available for $6.50 each. These are special edition patches and are in limited supply.

National has created a smartphone app (iPhone and Android). The app costs $0.99. It cost me $1.05 with tax. The app promises a lot…maps, trails, locations, rosters plus much more. Does it deliver? Certainly not all it promises. However, the app has been updated once already and another update is promised. Is the app worth the roughly $1? It depends on your expectations. If you expect a polished, fully tested and debugged app you will be disappointed. However, for an app that is specific to Jamboree that contains a map of SBR, shows you where you are in SBR and shows you trails and locations of all events and services, the app does seem to work. I don’t regret getting the app and will get it for my two sons. Do you need it? No. Will it be helpful? Probably. If you are not sure, I’d say get the app if spending $1 does not bother you.

We leave in less than two weeks! This time in two weeks we will be at SBR! Now is the time to ask questions so if you have a question, please ask it!


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Venturing Crew 220 Advisor
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