Sunday March 28 Hike Update

This is a reminder that the entire National Jamboree Troop will be going on a 5 mile hike tomorrow, Sunday April 28, at 1:15pm. I know that the time was set to be 1:30 before, but we are trying to avoid possible rainstorms in the afternoon. Everyone should be there. Patrol Leaders: contact you patrol members. Directions *from the council office* can be found here:   It takes about 45 minutes to get there from Murrysville, and 30 minutes from Greensburg and Latrobe. Please plan to be there on time. I highly recommend car pooling to get there, but it is up to the scout and his family on what they want to do to get there. We will be going on this hike together as a troop, but in patrols since we will not be together at all times.

Because of the weather forecast, all scouts (and any parents who wish to come hiking with us as well) should bring rain gear, as well as boots.

Everyone needs to be there, as this is a personal test. All scouts need to turn their signed “Acknowledgement of Risk Form”. Once they do, we have the official duffel bags and backpacks from council to give to each scout. Do not plan to pack in the provided backpack, bring your own because they should be washed, and we are giving them out at the hike.


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