Jamboree Troop Meeting Sunday, March 17

We next meet on Sunday,  March 17 at 6:30pm at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Murrysville. We are getting closer to Jamboree, and to help prepare the troop will review the items each scout plans to pack in their day packs and check each scout’s boots. Everyone should bring a backpack with what they expect to carry. We will review what each scout should have and make suggestions. A few tips: rain coat/shell, water bottles, first aid kit, hat, extra socks, sunscreen and a whistle. Also, each scout should have filled out their activity choices or at least reviewed the programs available.

In case you missed the email from the Senior Patrol Leader:
At the meeting we will splitting into Patrols. Patrols will need to decide on their name and patch. Also, all scouts should go to summit.scouting.org and chose their activities while they are still open. This should be done before the meeting. Also, we will be going over what to bring to Jamboree, especially your day pack. So, all scouts should bring the day pack they think they will be using at Jamboree (make sure its packed) as well as the boots they will be wearing. I say “think they will use” because Council will be providing us with day packs, but scouts should just pack like they are going on a five mile hike. We will be showing some videos on what to do/bring/wear.

Also, we will be making name tags, these are the official name tags that certify that we are allowed to be at Jamboree. Now, we need to have a picture of everyone to put on this name tag, and some other information.

See you Sunday!


About Mike Landi

Venturing Crew 220 Advisor
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